Workshop thường niên về DS&AI giữa SoICT-HUST và NAVER

Thời gian bắt đầu: 8:00 am 12/12/2023

Thời gian kết thúc: 12:00 pm 12/12/2023

Địa điểm: HUST-NAVER AI Space, Nhà B1, Đại học Bách khoa Hà Nội

Chương trình dự kiến

Timeline Content
8:00 Welcome Speech
8:05 Speech by Representative of SoICT

Prof. Ta Hai Tung – Dean of SoICT

8:10 Speech by Representative of NAVER Vietnam

Mr. Park Dong Jin – CEO of NAVER Vietnam

8:15 Annual Report on Cooperation Activities and Introduction to New Research Topics for the Third Year

Dr. Dinh Viet Sang – Vice Director of BKAI

8:30 Discussion about the new research topics


9:00 Implicit Deep Learning for Semantic Segmentation

Dr. Tran Nguyen Ngoc – Research Scientist, BKAI

9:15 Uncertainty-aware Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Techniques for Scene Understanding

Dr. Nguyen Thi Oanh – Research Scientist, BKAI

9:30 Vietnamese Handwriting Detection and Recognition

Prof. Nguyen Phi Le – Managing Director, BKAI

Photo session and Coffee break
10:00 End-to-end Spoken Language Understanding for Vietnamese Language

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang – Research Scientist, BKAI

10:15 Filtering spam image uploaded by users in shopping’s reviews

Dr. Ngo Thanh Trung – Research Scientist, BKAI

10:30 Review images classification

Dr. Dinh Thi Ha Ly – Research Scientist, BKAI

10:45 Grading Quality of Review Images

Dr. Dang Tuan Linh – Research Scientist, BKAI

11:00 Review Image Multi-label Classification on Moods

Dr. Dinh Viet Sang – Vice Managing Director, BKAI

11:15 Closing remarks


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