Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) – Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), one of seven key IT departments in Vietnam, was established in March 1995. Nowadays, after 15 years of development, all the staffs have established and developed a standard foundation which is composed of the basic elements: the staff, the training quality and the effectiveness of scientific research and technology transfer. This foundation is the key initiative for next steps of FIT on its path of development and integration. The engineers, masters, doctors educated and trained by FIT have been highly appreciated by the society and had stable jobs; many of them have become managers or professionals in institutions and companies. Moreover, FIT has partnerships and collaborations with many domestic and foreign training – research institutions.

On May 19, 2009, the Ministry of Education and Training decided to establish the School of Information and Communication Technology (SoICT) belonging to HUST, based on FIT and HEDSPI (the Vietnam-Japan joint project for Higher Education Development Support on ICT). The SoICT establishment marked a new development step in the training and research of lecturers and students in SoICT. The mission of SoICT is to bring the society and community the best quality of training activities, scientific research, technology transfer and ICT services, as well as to effectively contribute, together with other units in HUST, to the national industrialization and modernization and the higher education system development in Vietnam.

With the effort and creativeness of young, active and eager staffs and fully enthusiastic students, we will try with our best for building SoICT to become a school for high-level education and training, a leading centre for scientific research, technology transfer and consultancy in Vietnam; and a reliable and attractive partner institution for technology development investors in Vietnam and other countries.

Dean of SoICT

Associate Professor Ta Hai Tung