Seminar khoa học “Information Systems Architectures”

Thời gian bắt đầu: 12:00 am 17/04/2017

Thời gian kết thúc: 12:00 am 17/04/2017

Địa điểm: P.803 - Nhà B1 - Đại học BKHN

Thời gian: 13.00 ngày thứ 2, 17/4/2017

Địa điểm: phòng 803, B1, Đại học Bách khoa Hà Nội

Người trình bày: Vitor Santos (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Title:  Information Systems Architectures

The seminar presents a set of concepts, techniques and basic tools for the design of Information System Architectures and implementation Viable Systems.  In this context, the specific topic for the seminar are as follows:

1 – Information Systems – (what is this?)
Viable systems
2 –  Architectures for what?
– Business Architecture
– Process Architecture
– Information Architecture
– Information Systems
3- How to build an information system architecture

Short bio:

Vitor Santos, is an invited Assistant Professor at NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) of Universidade Nova de Lisboa and at European University, teaching  “Information Systems”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Compilers” and  “Digital Systems”  courses in Computer Science and Informatics Engineering Degrees.  Before that, he was an invited Professor Trás os Montes e Alto Douro University (UTAD) and Minho University (UM). This year he’ll complete 23 years teaching in higher education.
He integrates several national and international conferences scientific committees and has authored several academic publications (~85).
He was the Microsoft Portugal Academic Computer Science Program Manager for almost a decade .
Before that he occupied senior management positions at Santander bank companies and has developed Computer Engineering activities for about 15 years (>40 IS projects).
Vitor Santos holds a PhD in Science and information and Technology Systems from University of Minho, a B.Sc. in Informatics Engineering from  Cocite, a  Postgraduate course in Computer Science from Science Faculty of Lisbon University, a  M.Sc. in information Systems Science from University of Minho, a D.E.A. from University of Minho and  a  Computer Specialist title from polytechnic institutes Guarda, Castelo Branco and Viseu.
Vitor is currently working on a second PhD in Culture and Literature at FL-UL.