Admission 2021

Admission 2021

We would like to thank the candidates and their parents for their interest in becoming students in the fields/training programs of the School of Information Technology and Communications – Hanoi University of Science and Technology!

After the successful Admission Season 2019 with two training programs holding the highest entry point position in the national subject group A (IT1 – Computer Science: 27.42 points; and IT-E10 – Data Science and Intelligence Artificial Intelligence: 27 points), is there anything new in students admission for this year of the School and University? This must also be the concern of the candidates and the parents. In order to make it easier for students to access information related to admission to the ICT field of Hanoi University of Technology, the School has built this Admissions Page to gather the most condensed and necessary information about the season enrollment this year.

Wish the candidates all the best in the upcoming exams and become a member of SoICT’s Eco-system!

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New points in 2020 admission

As a unit of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, School of Information and and Communication Technology enrolls students according to the University’s general regulations. For the convenience of candidates, the School will summarize the main features of the University in general, as well as the School in particular, during this year’s enrollment season:

  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology open additional entrance exams: the University’s Admissions Council has decided to have its own enrollment plan. Accordingly, the School will hold a separate exam. 70% of the University general training will be chosen by this method. Candidates will take a test of 3 subjects in a single session, on the afternoon of July 25, at HUST. For IT programs, candidates will take 3 subjects: Math – Reading – Natural Science (Physics – Chemistry – Biology) in a total time of 180 minutes, in the afternoon of July 25, 2020 (in which, weight score for knowledge related to Chemistry – Physics will be higher than knowledge related to Biology). Details here
  • The University opens a new Elitech Training Program: Vietnam – France Information Technology Program (enrollment code: IT-EP): a program that inherits the tradition of training cooperation for decades between Hanoi University of Science and Technology with traditional partners from the Republic of France, as well as other advanced countries of the Francophone Community (Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg …). The program inherits the advantages of the High Quality Engineers Training Program (PFIEV) and updates the content in accordance with the development orientation of the field related to Industry 4.0, and Digital Transformation. Students participating in the program have a great opportunity to transfer to France to study the last 1.5 years at the Grenoble Polytechnic Institute to graduate from the prestigious engineer class of the Republic of France, thereby expanding the opportunity to work or study. internships in Europe, as well as advanced countries in the Francophone Community. Information about the new program here
  • Enrollment target:
    • Elitech Global Information Technology Program (Global ICT, IT-E7): 80 students (compared to 120 in 2019).
    • Elitech Program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DS-AI, IT-E10): 100 students (compared to 40 in 2019).
    • Program of High Quality Engineers (PFIEV) and Grenoble Information Technology SIE Program is integrated and updated to Vietnam – France Information Technology  Program (IT-EP): 40 students

2020 Enrollment target

In 2020, the School of Information and Communications Technology will enroll the 65th generation (K65) with expected targets of 900 students for the standard and elitech training systems; 170 students for the international training system associated with partner schools.

ID. Training program Expected
Subjects for admission
IT1 Computer Science 260 Candidates can choose between 2 options:

– Take the entrance exam of HUST:

·         Math – Reading – natural Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

– Take the Vietnam National Examination with the following subjects

·         A00: Math, Physics, Chemistry

·         A01: Math, Physics, English

·         Especially, for IT-EP, candidates can choose the subject combination of

·         D07: Math, Chemistry, French

·         D29: Math, Physics, French

·         Math score will be doubled

IT2 Computer Engineering 180
IT-E6 HEDSPI (Vietnam – Japan Program) 240
IT-E7 Global ICT 80
IT-E10 Data Science & AI 100
IT-EP Program: Vietnam – France Elitech Program 40
IT-LTU Information and Communication

Technology, associated with La Trobe University (Australia)

70 As aforementioned, with the following additional subject combination:

·         D07: Math, Chemistry, English

IT-VUW Information and Communication

Technology, associated with Victoria University (New Zealand)

TROY-IT Computer Science, associated with Troy University (US) 40 As aforementioned, with the following additional subject combination:

·         D07: Math, Chemistry, English

·         D08: Math, Literature, English


  • IT1 and IT2 programs: standard and traditional training system.
  • IT-E6, IT-E7, IT-E10, IT-EP programs: under the Elitech advanced training system, in which:

o IT-E6: study in Vietnamese, but enhance Japanese enough to work in Japan after graduation.

o IT-E7 and IT-E10 programs: are taught entirely in English from the 2nd year.

o IT-EP: study in Vietnamese, but will be taught French and English to be able to transfer to study at Grenoble Polytechnic University (France).

  • IT-LTU, IT-VUW, and TROY-IT programs: under the SIE international joint training system.
  • After completing the admission procedure, candidates who have the exam results that meet the University’s requirements may register to take a competency assessment and enter the Talent Program.

Admission methods:

  • Direct offer according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training (for candidates taking the national selection contest for the International Olympic Games, or winning official prizes in the national high school excellent student selection contest, or having achievement in National and international contest in science and technology);
  • Admission is based on:

o Entrance exam of Hanoi University of Technology: details here;

o Results of the Vietnam National Exam 2020.

  • For international training programs, in addition to the admission method based on the results of the national high school exam, the School also have direct offer for candidates with A-Level and SAT certificates with the specified quality assurance benchmark prescribed by the University
  • Other information such as: subjects, admission quality assurance benchmark, admission plan, direct offer policy and admission priority: see details here.