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Name: Innovation Center
Director: M.S. Le Tan Hung
Vice Director: Ph.D. Pham Ngoc Hung
Address: Room 407, B1 Building, Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Tel: (+84)38692205
Email: ic@soict.hust.edu.vn
Web: https://soict.hust.edu.vn/innovation

Center for Research, Development, and Technology Transfer (Center for Innovation) has been launched since March 2019, shows determination of the Institute of Information and Communication Technology in promoting scientific researches and combining research with practice, as well as taking the most advantages of social resources for the University and Institute development goals. The center was also created to support the Institute in improving the efficiency of using scientific research resources, sharing resources and facilities among research groups in the Institute. Coordinating with other departments and units of the University, the Center also participates in consulting, supporting IT staff and students in exploring creative start-up opportunities that are both in line with the policy of the country, the University, the Institute and take opportunities to quickly bring scientific research products to the market.

Main missions

  • Assisting the Institute in managing research laboratories and facilities for research
  • Supporting the implementation of R&D activities associated with practice, make conditions for bringing scientific research products to market
  • Seeking for funding sources for scientific researches, technology transfer and scholarships from businesses and organizations at home and abroad for staff and students of the Institute
  • Studying to build deployment plans to meet the needs of investment, scientific research, and technology transfer of businesses
  • Supporting and advising staff and students to ensure intellectual property rights, establishing innovative businesses (“spin-offs” and “startups”) in connection with the University’s policies and the Laws of the nation

Key activities

Support training activities

  • Deploying short-term training courses, strongly aiming at the needs of the market, with the source of customers are agencies, organizations and economic groups with strong potentials that need to train their staffs and manager to improve their skills and quality in Science and Technology
  • Coordinating with businesses in organizing courses for students, aiming at the labor market: skills training, fresher training … to provide students enough skills to work in an industrial environment from early days in the school.

Support Research activities

  • Managing co-working spaces for potential research groups, with a flexible mechanism. Ensuring fairness in resource share (facilities, area (number of tables), cost …) based on performance
  • Expanding cooperation with research institutions inside and outside the University, research funding agencies, and international partners, state management agencies, enterprises… to build research topics/projects programs that not only keep pace with the development trend of the world, but also have potential for application with high utilization; thereby enhancing the rank of the unit both nationally and internationally.

Support Technology Transfer and Innovative Start-up

  • Enhancing cooperation with enterprises, research institutes, associations, organizations and individuals in technology transferring to improve research quality, bringing researches to practical applications that meeting social needs and improve staff incomes in the context of the University’s autonomy
  • Support spin off start-up: Starting a business is a common trend of countries around the world, including Vietnam. In the context of an integrated economy, students continuously have access to many start-up opportunities. At the same time, bringing the university’s potential research into entrepreneurship is considered a good practice for the school’s future, and at the same time, creating new values ​​for the economy. This is applied by many universities around the world.

Support Managing Network of Accompanying Business 

  • Eshtablishing SOICT business network
  • Building business community ecosystem from domestic and foreign alumni.