National Research Projects

National Research Projects

  1. Research on developing and integrating support system for supervision, management and safe operation of the network and infrastructure of online public service provision.
  • Moderator: Dr. Tran Quang Duc
  • Duration: from 10/2017 to 09/2019
  • Funding source: Ministry of Science and Technology

Summary: The project is conducted in collaboration between scientists from the School of Information and Communication Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam National University. The objective of the project is to master the technology of manufacturing hardware equipment, developing specialized software, integrating support systems for supervision, management, ensuring safe operation and information security for network system and infrastructure for providing online public services at state agencies. The project is implemented from October 2017 to September 2019 with the following products:

(1) Specialized hardware for supporting the collecting, standardizing and classifying information from devices in the network and infrastructure of online public services

(2) The regional servers which are responsible for receiving data from specialized hardware, organizing storage, administration and giving an abnormal warning when detecting malicious attacks and network intrusion attacks

(3) The central servers which are responsible for summarizing reports, statistics, monitoring the entire infrastructure managed by the regional server, supporting mechanisms to connect with other systems when required.

  1. Develop and complete software used for the development of Geogolgical and Biological used for the Vietnam National Museum of Nature (DATP.03/15-17)
  • Moderator: Dr. Vu Van Thieu
  • Implementation time: June 2016 – December 2019
  • Funding source: Vietnam Institute of Science and Technology

Summary: The aim of the project is to develop and complete the software used for the development of geological, soil and biological specimen database used for Vietnam National Museum of Nature. Special requirements of the software are: 

(1) Ensure quick access to data entries (the maximum time for a data query is 0.4 seconds, according to QRTi standard of MySql)

(2) Ensure accuracy when accessing data (No data is loss when retrieving/exporting, make sure to display all data containing keywords when searching)

(3) Ensuring data confidentiality and information security. 

Other features of the software are built base to those used by major museums around the world.