Global ICT Program (IT-E7)

Global ICT Program (IT-E7)


It is an advanced program in ICT having clear international characteristics. 100% of subjects are conducted in English, with the participation of international students and lecturers. The program aims to provide labor for working international environment. In addition, students have great opportunities to participate in exchange and transfer programs with leading universities in the world.

The Global ICT program trains global laborers who are good at both Information and Communication Technology and English to play leading and connecting roles between the Vietnamese and international IT markets. Students receive intensive English courses in the first year and take specialized courses entirely in English in the following years. During their studies, with the advantage of English skills, students have many opportunities to exchange or transfer to partner universities. After graduation, students can work at foreign corporations, companies in Vietnam, or in the international labor market, as well as continue in postgraduate programs abroad. From 2021, the Global ICT engineer program changes to a bachelor’s training form. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, students can continue to engineer or master’s degrees.

Prospective students can go to the following pages to communicate with currently enrolled students or alumni of the program:


Scholarships and financial aid

Besides scholarships and financial aid from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, students enrolled in the Global ICT Program with good academic results have the opportunity to receive talented scholarships from the Alumni Association / Business Association Scholarship Fund, the IT industry, or from big corporations such as Microsoft, Samsung, Vingroup, VNPT…

In addition, students with good teaching and research skills can work as teaching assistants or research assistants in a system of laboratories at the school with a salary of up to 4 million VND per month, accompanied by an official Certificate from the school so that students will have advantages to apply for a scholarship, jobs in the future. Currently, the School is the only unit implementing these programs in the University.

Integrated bachelor – master study: students have the opportunity to receive a tuition waiver from the University, and scholarships for postgraduate studies of domestic and foreign corporations.

Student exchange scholarships and internship opportunities

As part of Elitech Programs, Global ICT Program regularly invites international lecturers or experts to teach students. In addition, the School cooperates with prestigious universities in Europe, North America, and Japan, giving students the opportunity to exchange and early exposure to the international working environment, such as the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg (OTH, Germany), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), National University of Singapore, Uppsala University (Sweden), The University of Aizu (Japan), Tokyo University of Technology (Japan)…

The program also regularly receives international students to exchange from Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Korea, Indonesia, and Myanmar…

While studying at the School, students have the opportunity to practice and experience the real working environment at more than 200 partner businesses of the School, including many international businesses based in Vietnam.

In addition, the Alumni Network of the School in Silicon Valley also regularly organizes support and consulting activities to help students have the opportunity to exchange and practice at the world’s leading technology corporations.


  • The Global ICT program follows the bachelor model (4 years), and the bachelor-master model (5.5 years).
  • Students can participate in 3+2 transfer programs with The University of Aizu (Japan).
  • Students have many opportunities to continue studying at the master’s and doctoral levels in developed countries such as Finland, Japan, Germany, Australia, and the US…


  • The program is designed according to international standards with practical time in the lab equivalent to the theoretical study time.
  • The program includes basic IT knowledge: Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Databases, Computer Architecture… and in-depth knowledge to design and develop software, Internet-based applications, embedded systems, and network administration … Global ICT bachelor’s program offers two elective modules: 1) Artificial intelligence and big data (AI and Big Data); 2) AIoT.
  • Output standards and details of the training program can be found here. 
  • In addition, students are also trained:
    • Soft Skills: Presentation, organization, teamwork, leadership skills
    • Foreign languages: Use English effectively at work, TOEIC scores 650 or higher.


  • 100% of students have jobs after 1 year of graduation.
  • Working on international projects for large Japanese, American, or Europian
  • Excellent students have the ability to work in Silicon Valley, USA, through the support of the alumni network of the School of Information and Communication Technology in the US.
  • Working as a core engineer for large companies in Vietnam aiming at foreign markets.
  • Having the advantage of working directly with foreign partners, thanks to professional skills and foreign language ability.