Scientific research and technology transfer: The School of Information and Communication Technology developed a team of scientists who are strong in both quantity and quality, covering most important research areas of ICTs. The School also has a great potential to improve scientific researches in the following directions:

  1. aiming at qualifying international standards, 
  2. linking research activities with training to develop high quality human resources
  3. and most importantly, creating quality research products for the country’s socio-economic development.

In recent years, the School has made outstanding scientific and technological achievements. The number of ISI-Scopus articles in 2019 doubled compared to 2018. The School’s staffs continuously won prestigious science and technology awards such as Vietnam Talent Award, Golden Globe Award; especially, the amount of scientific research investment attracted always increase, with diverse and very competitive funding sources such as: KC Program, Protocol, State-level Independent Project, Topic NAFOSTED of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry-level project of the Ministry of Education and Training, Subject/Project financed by VinIF and VinTech funds of VinGroup, International cooperation projects sponsored by Horizon 2020, ERASMUS, US Army, Samsung, IBM, etc. Only in 2019, the School has attracted 35 billion VND for scientific researches.

Scientific research products of the School that have gained a foothold in the market and become milestones in the history of IT development of the country:

BKED text editor: developed by Dr. Quach Tuan Ngoc when he was a lecturer of the Department of Information Technology. This is one of the first Vietnamese text editing software in Vietnam.

Computer antivirus software BKAV: developed by MSc. Nguyen Tu Quang, lecturer of the Department of Computer Engineering. This is one of the most famous and popular anti-virus software in Vietnam.

NAVISTAR high-precision positioning system: developed by the research team of NAVIS Center, led by Assoc. Ta Hai Tung and Assoc. La The Vinh. The product has won the Vietnam Talent Award 2015 and is currently being transferred to many units throughout the country.

Vbee speech system: developed by a research team led by Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang from the Department of Software Engineering. The product has been awarded the Vietnam Talent Award 2018 and is gradually asserting a foothold in the market.

In order to promote research activities towards technology transfer and innovation (startups, spinoffs), the School has established the Innovation Center, a supporting unit and a focal point for collaborative research activities with the School’s business.

In addition to training, research and technology transfer activities, the School has organized the SoICT – Symposium on Information and Communication Technology for 10 years. This is an international seminar on ICT scientific community that is gradually proving its reputation. With 160 works of scientists from 28 countries around the world: USA, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, etc., 6 keynotes of leading scientists in the world, and the yearbook stored and indexed by the American Computer Association (ACM), WoS (ISI), Scopus, SoICT has been the largest international ICT conference in Vietnam held annually.