The world is witnessing a wave of technological transformation, which is irreversible. This wave has a strong impact on not only technology and industry, but also all aspects of life: political system, laws, and even morals. And it is: Digital Transformation, a more inclusive and comprehensive concept than the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0. In this wave, for each country, the prerequisite for successful digital transformation lies in the development of science – engineering – technology, and especially high-qualify human resources.

In essence, Digital Transformation (or Industry 4.0) is the smartization of production-service systems, and thereby affecting every aspect of life, the story of Uber or Grab in smartization and ride-share technology is a prime example. The mission to “smartization” puts the information technology field at the center to connect related technologies, with the aim of “intelligize” the entire process of the system. Therefore, the demand for information technology human resources is huge.

According to data from Vietnamworks and TopDev – Vietnam’s largest and most reputable job recruitment sites – the demand for IT human resources in Vietnam increases 47% each year, while the annual supply only increases by 8%. This will lead to a shortage of 190,000 people by 2021 (according to the January 2020 forecast data). In addition, the rapid increase of software enterprises in Vietnam: 124% in the last 4 years, this fact will increase the urgency of IT human resources. However, the problem is not only quantity, but also quality.

According to a survey by the Institute of Information and Communications Strategy, Ministry of Information and Communications, human resources in IT field in Vietnam are quite weak in practical skills and teamwork. They will meet much difficult when participating in complex product development stages which require high levels of gray matter and a premise to create breakthrough products and services, leading the digital transformation process in Vietnam.

Therefore, it can be concluded that high quality human resources in information technology in Vietnam is in a “thirst” that haunts the success of the digital transformation process in Vietnam.

School of Information and Communication Technology is a unit with a long tradition of IT training in Vietnam for the past 25 years. The School has trained thousands of IT engineers and experts in the country, who are currently playing important roles in national and international enterprises and information technology corporations. It can be said that there is no important IT enterprise in Vietnam that do not have HUST IT engineer in the key positions.

Among such technology leaders are prominent names such as: Mr. Hoang Viet Anh – Deputy General Director of FPT Group, Mr. Duong Dung Trieu – General Director of FPT System Joint Stock Company (FIS) , Mr. Ngo Dien Hy – General Director of VNPT-Media Company, Mr. Vuong Quang Khai – Technology Director of Vinagame Group, Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang – Chairman and General Director of BKAV, Mr. Lu Thanh Long – Chairman of MISA, Mr. Tran Viet Hung – Founder of GotIt Company, the first Vietnamese startup in Silicon Valley, Mr. Nguyen Ha Dong – the father of the globally famous Flappy Bird game…

In addition, the School also has a community of alumni with hundreds of people working at the Capital of World Technology – Silicon Valley; as well as in technology corporations with global influences such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook , Amazon, Adobe,… and such number are working in Japan, and a large community is working at global technology corporations over 5 continents. Moreover, every year, the School’s excellent students receive many scholarships to pursue academic career in developed countries: North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc. Many of them have become professors and 

Also have to mention the success of HUST students/alumni, with prestigious IT awards such as: Vietnamese Intelligence, Vietnamese Talent, Sao Khue… Every year, technology products from HUST always position highest among the candidates. Lots of them are developed into successful startup projects, creating valuable business, contribute to revitalizing the Innovation movement in Vietnam.

The success of the School’s Alumni is the first guarantee for the Institute’s training quality. However, that is not everything that the School had achieved. In the trend of autonomy and integration of Vietnamese Higher Education, under the direction of the University, the School has been more and more proactive in teaching activities, in order to improve the quality of training and make clear orientation of high quality training, create technological leaders to play active roles in leading the digital transformation process in Vietnam.

The training programs of the School are up-to-date, not only in accordance with the needs of the market, but also to keep up with the trend of science and technology development of the world, clearly show the leading role in Information Technology.

The program is designed to focus on improving the time of practice, especially in fundamental subjects, as well as directing students to learn through experience, problem-solving, core processes in training high quality human resources and become future technology leaders. During the courses, students are allowed to participate in business internships for practical experience, and are encouraged to participate in research at the School’s laboratory system under the guidance of their teachers and scientists in IT field.

The School also cooperates with businesses to organize additional soft skills class, professional training courses, foreign language enhancement courses, etc. to provide students with crucial skills, which help them immediately integrate in business environment without surprise and hesitation that can affect their career in the challenging future.

In addition, to create “Global Citizen” experts who have the opportunity to develop everywhere in the world, in the direction of the University, the School also develops advanced programs to improve foreign languages skill for students after graduation, such as in English, Japanese, French, etc. After graduation, students do not only have qualified professional skill but also ability to use foreign language fluently. The success of programs such as HEDSPI (Cooperation between Vietnam and Japan) (IT-E6), Global ICT (IT-E7), or DS&AI (IT-E10) has proven the quality and reputation of the School not only in Vietnam but also In fastidious labor markets such as the United States, Japan, Singapore. 60% of HEDSPI graduates find jobs in Japan, with a starting salary of thousands of USD/month.

Choosing your own future with the School of Information and Communication Technology means that you are having great opportunities to develop your careers, to become skilled IT professionals, with “innovation” DNA passed down from generations, which makes you be able to adapt with the world’s trend and take on the role of technology leaders, leading the digital transformation process, and take the country to a new level.

“Enlightening Your Digital Future” – the new motto clearly demonstrates the awareness of the role and mission of the School of Information and Communication Technology in creating digital transformation for Vietnam through training high quality human resources. With the youth and the creativity of mature teachers, the School will always be a trusted place for you to develop careers and nurture yourself to have a bright future in Digital Era, Era of Knowledge, and Global Era.