Computer Science Program (Admission code: IT1)

Computer Science Program (Admission code: IT1)



Our undergraduate programs in Computer Science are among the traditional ones at Hanoi University of Science and Technology and one of the most prestigious within the country that provides attractively promising careers among IT-related disciplines. We deliver high-quality graduates to two main categories i.e., Software Engineering and Information Systems, who can be software engineers, information systems developers, IT solutions designers, and development specialists. Graduates from our programs possess core professional knowledge and can apply in-depth knowledge to analyze, design, build and develop software solutions, as well as intelligent information systems.


Scholarships and financial aids

Besides scholarships and financial support from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, students majoring in Computer Science with good academic results but having financial difficulties could receive support from the alumni scholarship fund, technology associations, and big corporations like Microsoft, Samsung, Vingroup, VNPT, etc.

In addition, students with good teaching and research skills can join as teaching assistants (support lecturers in teaching) or research assistants (assist lecturers in doing research at laboratories of the School) with a salary of up to 4 million/month. Students also receive an official certificate from the School for these activities; hence they have a favorable condition to apply for a scholarship in the future. The SOICT is the only unit implementing these programs at HUST university.

In the integrated bachelor’s-master’s program, students could receive tuition waiver scholarships from the university and scholarships to support postgraduate training of domestic and foreign corporations.

Student exchange scholarships and internship opportunities

Students could participate in study exchange, research exchange, or transfer programs at prestigious partner schools such as Regensburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), The National University of Singapore (Singapore), Uppsala University (Sweden), Aizu University (Japan), Tokyo University of Technology (Japan), etc.

In addition, during the study program, students of SOICT can practice and experience the real working environment at more than 200 partner companies.

Finally, the Alumni network of SOICT in Silicon Valley also regularly organizes support and consulting activities to help students could discuss and practice at the world’s leading technology corporations.



Three elective modules:

  • Software Engineering,
  • Information System,
  • Intelligent data analysis.



Two subfields:

  • Software Engineering
  • Information System,



Three categories:

  • Computer Science,
  • Computer Engineering, and
  • Data Science

Knowledge Training:

  • Basic and core Computer Science knowledge, including Computer systems; Data Structures and Algorithms; Programming Techniques; Databases; Software Analysis, Design, and Construction; Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining; Project Administration, etc.
  • Learning outcomes and details of the program are here.
  • Depending on elective modules, learners are equipped with specialized knowledge:
    • Software Engineering: methods, processes, techniques, and tools in software development, and software project management.
    • Information System: methods, techniques, and technologies for collecting, storing, and processing information, discovering knowledge for the design, development, operation, maintenance, and evaluation of information systems
  • In addition, learners will receive additional training:
    • Skills: organizational, leadership, and teamwork skills.
    • Foreign languages: use English effectively in communication and work, achieving a TOEIC score of 500 or higher.


Typical job positions:

  • Career opportunities for Bachelor of Computer Science:
    • Programmers, testers, consultants, quality assurances, project managers, and team leaders in software development.
    • Technical specialists in information technology departments of large enterprises or state-owned organizations
  • Career opportunities for Software Development Engineers:
    • Software development engineers.
    • Software architects, project managers, consultants, specialists, team leaders in software development, technical directors
  •  Career opportunities for Information Systems Engineers:
    • Engineers responsible for consulting, designing, building, evaluating, and administering databases and information systems for businesses and organizations.
    • Systems engineers responsible for designing, building and evaluating (integrated) solutions for enterprises and organizations.
  •   Career opportunities after studying for Bachelor – Master:
    • Solution engineers working at research and development centers of domestic and foreign corporations.
    • Researchers and research assistants working at research institutes, and universities.
    • Master and doctoral students in developing countries with many full-funded scholarship opportunities.

Average starting salary: 15-20 million VNĐ/month.