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The Institute of Information and Communication Technology is a unit of training high quality human resources in the leading prestigious IT field in the country. In 2019, Quacquarelli Symonds Education Organization (QS – UK) assessed and ranked the quality of training and research of Hanoi University of Technology in the fields that the Institute is undertaking in the rankings from 501 to 550 all around the world. The Institute currently offers training programs in 3 disciplines: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Data Science & Artificial Intelligence; in all 3 training systems: undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral.


IT Institute & TT currently offers more than 20 high-quality training programs of 3 undergraduate, master’s and doctoral systems; in which, there are 3 advanced programs (Elitech) taught entirely in foreign languages (English, Japanese), with 60% of graduates working abroad.


Trademark IT Engineer has gone beyond the borders of the country, and increasingly proved its quality in the international arena. In the wave of Digital Transformation, choosing to develop the future with SoICT will give you the opportunity to become technology experts, able to master and lead the development of domestic science and technology …

Foreign cooperation

IT Institute & TT always attaches great importance to international cooperation and business cooperation activities to improve the quality of teaching, research and technology transfer activities. The Institute currently has a cooperative relationship with dozens of international universities and research institutes in the IT field. In addition, the business network in cooperation with the Institute currently has more than 130 domestic and foreign enterprises, regularly exchanging and supporting updating training programs, developing soft skills, foreign languages, as well as improving the experience. practical experience of students through corporate internship.


IT Institute & TT has a cooperative relationship with many prestigious universities and research institutes in the world. Through cooperation, the Institute’s students have the opportunity to study and research at partner schools through student exchange scholarships, as well as collaborative research projects. The Institute cooperates with major universities in Europe, Japan … to provide students with dual degree programs (a double degree), an economic and effective “study abroad” form …


Training and research are in need of substantial cooperation with the business community. The Institute is currently maintaining cooperation with a network of more than 130 IT enterprises at home and abroad, including HEDSPI Supporting Partner Network (HEDSPI-SPN), a student support network to enhance foreign languages and development. soft skills, as well as getting acquainted with corporate culture to increase competitiveness in the international labor market …



SoICT students have been not only well-known for their sharp technical knowledge and great agility on given tasks but also highly-appreciated by their critical thinking and creativity. In SVMC, HUST students in general and SoICT students in particular always held crucial positions and become key members in plenty of core projects. SoICT and SVMC have strengthened a strong relationship, which have been recognized by MOUs, sponsoring funds and special scholarships for the Faculty and Faculty’s students. AT the present, over 25% of SVMC employees have graduated from HUST and SoICT. Afterwards, we do expect to welcome more and more students from HUST and SoICT to become SVMC’s members in the future.
SVMC Management Board always deeply appreciates SoICT as a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Mr. Kim In Soo
President of Samsung Vietnam Mobile R&D Centre (SVMC)

Really grateful to the generations of teachers who are teaching day and night to provide the society with engineers: Good ability – Working diligence – Passion for creativity, these are the most important qualities of those who want to creative and change the world. As an alumnus, an employer, I always want to gather in MISA Company Bach Khoa IT engineers to jointly create many useful products that contribute to the development of the country and change the world.

Mr. Lu Thanh Long – Chairman of MISA
Former Student K31

If you want to be challenged, SoICT-HUST is the place for you. You will not just be challenged by the curriculum, but by the local students, unique learning environment and vast opportunities outside the classroom. I can recommend SoICT-HUST to any international student who is not afraid to embrace diversity and embrace the unknown.

Alexandra Devlin
Exchange student from University of Technology Sydney (UTS, Australia)

If you want a leisurely student time, don’t think of SoICT! You will have to study very hard, sacrifice many personal interests, have to stay up all night to complete courses and projects from very heavy training programs. However, when you overcome this arduous journey, you have the opportunity to participate in the alumni network that has created a reputation for SoICT not only in Vietnam as professors in American universities, but also NASA scientists, software engineers at giant technology corporations, entrepreneurs … For me, the decision to go to SoICT is one of the most important decisions in my career.

Dr. Tran Viet Hung – Founder of GotIT (Silicon Valley)
Alumni K42

I have visited HUST many times and spent two semesters teaching courses in the School of Information and Communication Technology. I was particularly impressed by the high caliber of the students, and their drive to prepare for careers on the leading edge of technology. The faculty and administration welcomed me and demonstrated dedication to fostering expanded research and crafting curricula appropriate for Vietnam’s 21st century needs.

Prof. James Cremer
Former chair, Computer Science Department, The University of Iowa (USA).




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