Bành Thị Quỳnh Mai

Lecturer, Department Of Computer Engineering

M.Eng. (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, 2005)
B.Eng. (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, 2003 )

Email: maibtq@soict.hust.edu.vn
Web:  https://users.soict.hust.edu.vn/maibtq/

Research Areas

  • Computer Networks
  • Data Communications
  • Web Technology and online services

Research Interests

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • IoT
  • Web technology and Online services


Banh Thi Quynh Mai is a Lecturer of Data Communications and Computer Networks at the School of Information and Communication Technology, Hanoi University of Technology (HUST). She received her Masters in Engineering by Research in Communication Technology in 2005 from Swinburn University of Technology. Her current research interests include Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT and Web technology and Online services.


  • Impact of cross-layer interactions between radio duty cycling and routing on the efficiency of a wireless sensor network: a testbed study involving contikiMAC and RPL, M Bezunartea, M Banh, M Gamallo, J Tiberghien, K Steenhaut, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Internet of things , 2017
  • Energy balancing RPL-based routing for Internet of Things, M Banh, N Nguyen, KH Phung, L Nguyen, NH Thanh, K Steenhaut, IEEE Communications and Electronics (ICCE), 2016
  • “Performance evaluation of multiple RPL routing tree instances for Internet of Things applications”, M Banh, H Mac, N Nguyen, KH Phung, NH Thanh, K Steenhaut, Advanced Technologies for Communications (ATC), 2015


  • Computer Network
  • Network Management
  • Linux and Network Server Systems
  • Computer Literacy
  • Introduction to Informatics