Le Thanh Huong

Associate Professor
Deputy Head, Department of Information Systems

Ph.D. (Computer Science, Middlesex University, UK, 2004)
M.S. (Computer Science, Free University of Brussels, 2001)
B.S. (Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 1997)

Email: huonglt@soict.hust.edu.vn
Web:  https://users.soict.hust.edu.vn/huonglt/

Research Areas

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Natural language processing and its applications

Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural language processing: syntactic analysis, text and discourse analysis, question answering, natural language generation, text summarization, machine translation, information extraction, virtual assistant, sentiment analysis, …
  • Text/web mining
  • Machine learning, deep learning and theirs applications


Huong Thanh LE is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the School of Information and Communication Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST). She received her Ph.D. in computer science in 2004 from Middlesex University, United Kingdom. Her research interests include artificial intelligence, natural language processing and its applications in different domains.


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  • Huong Thanh Le, Tien Manh Le. 2013. An approach to Abstractive Text Summarization. In Procs. of the 5th International Conference of Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition (SoCPaR 2013)
  • Huong Thanh Le, Luan Van Tran. 2013. Automatic Feature Selection for Named Entity Recognition Using Genetic Algorithm. In Proceedings of the 4th Symposium on Information and Communication Technology (SoICT 2013).

Awards & Honours

  • Received the Golden Globe Youth Science and Technology Award in 2011


  • Algorithms and Programs for Engineers
  • Introduction to Information and Communication Technology
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Current Projects

  • Implement a copy detection system to support studying and research management. Funded by Hanoi University of Sicence and Technology.
  • A system for storing and checking plagiarism. Funded by Hanoi University of Sicence and Technology.
  • Investigate some methods for automatically summarizing text, applying for Vietnamese language. Funded by the Ministry of Education and Training.