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Currently, the SOICT Consortium network with a wide range of resources creates an open and sustainable ecosystem in the field of Information Technology. Becoming a member and partner of SOICT Consortium will help expand your business into a new era.

SOICT INNOVATION ecosystem supports businesses in developing technology ideas, expanding customer domain and maximizing business potential in the digital transformation environment and  knowledge economy. .

Innovation Partner 

Partners provide digital transformation and IT services to businesses in our digital transformation ecosystem based on B2C & B2B models

Solution Partners

SOICT Solution Partners are reliable companies capable of providing support and consulting customers on business solutions and digital transformation in the knowledge economy.

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Service Partners

Trusted partner network provides services related to infrastructure, hardware and IT resources management based on the platform of cloud computing.

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Human Resource Partners

Human resource partner is a trusted partner with social responsibility, providing high-quality workforce and collaborating with SOICT in training to improve the quality of resources.

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Select partners

Growing and expanding your business by partnership is the right move. Selecting the right partner will bring a competitive advantage to each business. SoICT Consortium gives new opportunities with:

  • Business and Industry Vertical Expertise
  • Product Delivery Accreditation
  • Technical Expertise
  • Quality Project Delivery
  • Independent Software Vendors
  • Global Coverage Capabilities
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Become a Partner

Joining as a SoICT ‘ s partner enables businesses to get access to resources and tools including:

  • Dedicated Sales Resources
  • Business Growth Support
  • Training Courses Discount
  • Go-to-Market Opportunities
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