VR Lab was established with the desire to bring one of the current advanced technologies of Virtual Reality Technology into application, development and business in all fields.

We also want to apply our knowledge to better the quality of life, increase the task’s productivity and reduce potential risks during user’s work via the development of these technologies.

In the future, we are looking forward for further opportunity to enhance our product and cooperate with stakeholders.

Researchers: 6

Technologies: Virtual Reality

  • Our research fields:  

Virtual reality – VR (Virtual Reality): A VR system consists of VR applications (software) and Virtual Reality Glasses (HTC vive, Oculus, google cardboard …) (hardware), connected to the computer or phone will take users immersed into a new world, a completely virtual world so that you are almost no longer aware of the real world around you.

Augmented Reality (AR): AR is deployed primarily on handheld devices (Smart phones, Tablets), based on platforms such as ARCore, ARKit … and it focuses on combining the real world with virtual information, not creating a separate space like VR. AR will also allow you to interact with virtual content associated with the real world… (Pokemon Go is a typical example).

  MR (Mixed reality): A combination of VR and AR. In recent years, the deployment of both AR and VR has increased rapidly due to the fact that devices are becoming more popular than before. Those are its great effects in comparision with tradition ones in all different fields of vocational education, health, tourism, commerce, communication, marketing ( real estate, prod, e-commerce, fashion, interior)…

  • Our achievements: 

Application of VR in language training: Aims to improve the experience of learning a foreign language by putting people in the communication situation where they need to use the language.

Interact with objects in Augmented Reality (AR) environments: The platform helps to identify the interaction of the user’s hands with high accuracy. We have developed AR Makeup and AR Furniture basing on this platform.

Building a platform to publish VR content on WebVR platform for education and training :The platform provides tools, objects, and events that allow users to build and experience educational-related content creating a content ecosystem for training.