Logistics Lab

Logistics Lab do research on  technologies for automation, connection and optimization of the logistics chain operation.

Researchers: 20

Technologies: Allocation optimization

Head of Lab:  Tran Ngoc Hieu

Basic problems:

  1. Digitizing, automating, improving customer’s ordering experience
  2. Digitizing and automating supplier’s contract processing
  3. Basic sorting, filtering, and hinting problems
  4. Raw data report construction problems

 Advanced level 1 – Core Problems

  1. Price calculation
  2. Order matching
  3. Car & coach matching
  4. Operation Automation

Advanced level 2 – Optimizing and enhancing the user experience
Là lợi thế cạnh tranh lâu dài nên sẽ không được đề cập tại đây.

Student Training

Group 1 : Students having never implemented a real application

  • Learn about the 3-step software making process: Design, Programming, and Deployment
  • Learn about design thinking and the MongoDB database management system
  • Learn the language used for programming is Nodejs – Express and Reactjs
  • Learn about the Client – Server model and how to apply it to deploy a web project
  • Facilitating instruction and practice in a real environment


  • Acquire the knowledge of software making process from design, programming and implementation
  • Being able to build a full web application by yourself

Group 2 : Students having developed website systems in a real environment

  • Deeply research into one of the three job sections of software development i.e. Design, Programming, Implementation OR delve into all three of them broadly
  • Learn the language used to program is Nodejs – Express + MongoDB (if you don’t know it yet)
  • Learn about reactjs and Flutter (if not already known)
  • Participating in a practical project


  • Deeply specialize in a specific skill to become an expert.
  • Master the skills in software development to be able to work full stack.