Cross border E-commerce Lab

Our researches focus on practical problems in Cross border E-commerce, with the goals of optimizing chain activities and building up an comprehensive eosystem to export Vietnam goods worldwide. SOELAB’s core values are technology and sharing, we believe in a world that the internet will blur all national borders in commerce.

Researchers: 20

Technologies: Distributed System - Data Processing - Scalable System

Head of Lab: Bùi Trung Hiếu

Tech Mentor: Nguyễn Đức Trung


  1. Ecommerce Platform for cross border trading: tools for seller approach and implement selling activities in short time.
    • Seller can create a landing page just by one click with high convert ratio
    • Integrate various payment methods
    • Ingegrate comprehensive operation tools for cross border selling.
  2. Cross border E-commerce Operator System: system promoting and pushing up domestic manufacturing, offering lower logistic price, improve services in cross-border selling.
    • Connect stakeholders in cross border supply chain: Seller, Suppler, Logistic, Manufacturor
    • Comprehensive and lean solution in the whole chain with the optimization of time, cost and delivery quality.

Student Training:

Cross border e-commerce Lab builds up systematic Training program with materials, policies, goal setting, highly encourage learning & share spirit. Lab is an ideal environment for student build up his base with IT and domain knowledge, the base for leader & owner: orient future career path by himself, develop his own products and startup.

4M Training Progarm

M1: Mass 

  • Accumulate basic knowledge with pressure of workload and time

M2: Mindset

  • Develop thinking and mindset by building the own perspective through study, work and debate

M3: Move fast

  • Accelerate the learning process by experience through working on production projects.

M4: Made yourself 

  • Autonomy in solving problems and working with the highest responsibility.