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Innovative and creative start-up is not just a business or career creation. It must be an identical policy for human, scientific and technological development in organizations and units in the whole country. 

Investing in innovative research, new products, new technologies, new models are the foundations for the digital transformation of organizations and units, forming the digital society in the future. 

Innovation center is an environment bringing creative ideas, creative resources together to develop whole society, are always the leading flag for this trend.

PGS. Hà Quốc Trung

Spinoff and Startup Lab is a career accelerator that allows professionals to learn new skills, take their careers in a different direction, and pursue a career they are passionate about. Naturally they receive praise from the students that have completed the program.

MD Linh Nguyễn / MD24 ARIZONA

Innovation center, where creates and promotes the introduction of new technology into economic development, is a model that has proven effective around the world.

Innovation Center takes information technology as a direction, brings a series of core technologies together: AI, IoT, Big Data … will promote cooperation and deployment to send these key technologies to reality, contributing to Vietnam’s economic development in the direction of science and technology. 

The creation of innovation center networks at universities is an inevitable direction to form a nation-wide one.

Hieu LC / University of Greenwich

SoICT Innovation is an advanced step for HUST in the era of Digital Economy. Tech start-ups and spin offs are in need of leading roles in key industries such as information technology, materials, biology, or in other words are the key majors of HUST. 

This model will contribute to promoting and completing the Vietnam startup ecosystem, with creativity and digital transformation being the foundation for success.

Quat PH / Cục trưởng - Natec